It’s time for something different, that’s better for us and the planet

Today consumers rank sustainability as a key factor by giving preference to items that are harmless, durable and recyclable.

Today consumers rank sustainability as a key factor by giving preference to items that are harmless, durable and recyclable.

Together with some of the world’s best tanneries, Silvateam has developed a groundbreaking solution for brands looking to meet today’s environmental challenges.

Nature is our partner, not the enemy

With the help of nature – tannins – Silvateam has developed Ecotan, the first truly bio-circular leather with a proven path back to nature.

Shift to Bio-circular with Ecotan

Ecotan is a new kind of metal-free and glutaraldehyde-free leather that has excellent performance standards. It is safe for all and is a truly circular material.

A revolutionary technology that allows leather, at the end of its useful life, to be recycled into a fertilizer for organic agriculture, joining the cradle-to-cradle process: birth, life and next life.

1. Birth

The backbone of Ecotan formulations is a perfect combination of:

Natural tannins

Sourced from chestnut and quebracho woods, tara pods and gallnuts.

100% natural ingredients processed sustainably (PEFC certified).

Low impact substances (LCA study).

Produced to food grade standards at an early stage.

Man-made additives

The result of our expertise and ingenuity.

100% harmless to humans and the environment.

2. Life

This nature-based approach is what makes Ecotan leather:

Expressive, stylish, long lasting and unrivalled in beauty.

High performing as any chrome and glutaraldehyde tanned material.

Safe, green and clean. Nature improved.

Breathable, comfortable and healthy.

3. Next Life

At the end of its life, Ecotan leather:

Becomes a superior organic fertilizer as useful nutrients for growing plants.

Is redirected back to nature closing the loop which had started with the animal skin.

Is a truly bio-circular, endlessly reusable material.

Ecotan is backed by science and research

This new frontier in sustainable leather solutions comes as a result of half a decade of continuous innovation conducted at Silvateam Research & Development centers and in close partnerships with prestigious universities, research institutes, tanneries and recycling companies.

Ecotan Partners

Over 20 of the top tanneries in the world have joined the project and are ready to supply Ecotan leathers globally.

With selected partners such as Biofin and Fertilizzanti Certaldo, Silvateam coordinates all aspects related to leather finishing and recyclability.

Ecotan marketing material

Shift to Ecotan, the first bio-circular leather